Taliban now controls over half of Afghan capital cities, Biden withdrawal DISASTER

Aug 13 , 2021

Taliban now controls over half of Afghan capital cities, Biden withdrawal DISASTER

Kabul, Afghanistan  Taliban fighters have taken control of Kandahar, Afghanistan, as well as a number of other provincial capitals, as the terrorist fighters surge towards Kabul.

Afghan MPt Gul Ahmad Kamin confirmed this on 8/13. The city lying in the south has long been the site of turbulence and skirmishes, and it's fall signals the end of the Afghan resistance following Biden's premature and poorly planned withdrawal.
    The terrorists have made large gains in the north of the country, which has historically been an anti-Taliban stronghold. They're closing in on Kabul with alarming rapidity.
    In a statement Friday, the Taliban said they had taken control of the governor's office, police headquarters, as well as other key operational centers throughout the city of Kandahar. "Hundreds of weapons, vehicles and ammunition were seized," the Taliban statement said.  A Taliban commander told Sky News that his fighters had taken a cache of weapons from Afghan security personnel that included 70 sniper rifles, 900 guns, 30 Humvees, 20 pickup trucks and 15 armored vehicles in one grab alone.  
    The US and India both left gunships, MRAPs and a myriad of armament behind, all of which is now falling into the hands of insurgent fighters, who are making their way across the impoverished nation, raping, pillaging and plundering.
        The United Nations Refugee Agency ha urged neighboring countries to keep their borders open to people fleeing the Taliban---which is anyone and everyone with the means to do so. In Pakistan, into which many Afghans have fled, leaders are calling for an organized international approach to tackle a growing refugee crisis.  Who didn't see this coming???

        Taliban fighters are “going to door to door” to round up young girls to be “sex slaves” for fighters in the terror group, reports claim.

        An inside source suggests that Taliban leaders are kidnapping, raping, and forcibly marrying women after local leaders in Afghanistan were asked to present a list of those aged 12 to 45 last month.

        The move signals the start of a terrifying rampage and a return to a harsh sharia law.

        This has become, as we all knew it would, an absolute disaster.  Those of us who fought and bled, lost friends and limbs, are left asking "why?"

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        • 13 Aug 2021 -divot-

          Glad our country is finally leaving their country.

        • 13 Aug 2021 Jon

          Biden and the Pelosi,Schumer cartel have committed unbelievable treason against all the assets of the United States of America at home and abroad. The open border, the payoff of our foes and the pull out of all American benefits to American people is never been done in our history before.

        • 13 Aug 2021 Mike P

          Some are blaming trump…. When the withdrawal is announced to the world the world knows about the withdrawal. Consequences happen. The war should have ended after binladen was killed IMHO

        • 13 Aug 2021 V.S.

          Well it’s been 20 plus years and too many Americans lives and their families lives lost and or permanently broken over Afghanistan.
          So it is up to the Afghanistan people and their clans to either make peace or war now !
          May God have mercy on your souls and land .

        • 13 Aug 2021 Raymond

          Ain’t the “Biden withdrawal,” y’all. The current withdrawal and wtihdrewal timeline was designed by Trump and the Taliban through secret negotiations between the Trump administration and the Taliban which excluded the Afghan government. Biden just decided to pass the buck and adopt Trump’s own plan as official foreign policy under the Biden administration. When Trump originally announced last eyar that he was going into independent negotiations with the Taliban without the Afghan government having a seat at the table, the morale of the Afghani’s and the Afghan defense forces went into the toilet, as one would expcet. That credit goes to Trump. Not that what Biden is doing right now in rubber-stamping Trump’s policy is any less deispcable than what Trump did, it’s just that the only real credit Biden deserves is lacking the courage to reverse Trump’s policy and tell the Taliban to F**k off.

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