Aug 19 , 2021

Rare Breed Triggers' Lawrence DeMonico Statement on the ATF's Cease and Desist

Rare Breed Triggers' President, Lawrence DeMonico, issues a formal statement on the ATF's Cease and Desist Letter dated 7/27/21



Rare Breed Triggers vs ATF - Public Statement - 2021/08/19 from Rare Breed Firearms on Vimeo.

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  • 19 Aug 2021 Dan

    The ATF thinks this is going to go away, it won’t. I have known Kevin for a number of years and he is my lawyer, he WILL NOT GIVE UP. He is meticulous and the ATF will not do their normal find a small charge to threaten you with. He is Teflon, floating on bleach. Kevin will not lose and will not pull it from the market, they tried the carrot, the stick, the press, the state and county. None will go against him. The state reviewed it and found that it doesn’t violate the nation’s only state trigger law. It doesn’t violate any ordinances or arbitrary rules they can pass… there is nothing by definition that you can use to differentiate this from any other trigger. I don’t even own one yet but have shot one. I love it… works very well and is a lot of fun. I have fired a ton of full auto fire in my professional career and this isn’t full auto. There is a degree of skill to it to run perfectly.

  • 19 Aug 2021 CavScout62

    Here is the Bottom Line Brothers & Sisters. Bumpstock “law” has already been overturned. As for this silliness surrounding the trigger is just that. WE OUTNUMBER them and it really is that simple. If WE all REFUSE to comply with EVERY SINGLE “law” thar is UNCONSTITUTIONAL there will be a GREAT change in the land! The ONLY QUESTION that matters is, will WE ALL refuse and STAND TOGETHER!

  • 19 Aug 2021 Spencer

    In a world filled with power-hungry, self-serving individuals on the planet have elevated themselves to the highest offices in our land. These weak-minded, frail individuals will undoubtably continue to erode our liberties to the point of complete reliance on the government. When weak men rise to power they create issues that only kingdom men can overcome. Thank you, God, for continuing to raise up men who will stand tall in the midst of the wrath of governments overreach.

  • 19 Aug 2021 James Callow

    Once you give up your firearms you go from “free sovereign citizen” to a slave of the government! MOLON LABE!

  • 19 Aug 2021 David Leja

    I will support you any way I can.

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