Boogaloo News: VA Gov labeling US veterans a ‘domestic terror threat’ ahead of 2A rally

Jan 19 , 2020

Boogaloo News: VA Gov labeling US veterans a ‘domestic terror threat’ ahead of 2A rally

We've all been keeping a close eye on the situation in Virginia, and as many of us predicted, it's progressing quickly. In the state where the final shots of the Civil War were fired, many feel that the first symbolic shots of the Second Civil War are being fired as we speak. Bloomberg backed Left-wing Gov. Ralph Northam is foaming at the mouth to sign mass infringements into law, which will result in one of the largest gun-grabs on record...assuming folks give them up like he predicts 😁...

Now, a Virginia state senator has raised alarm bells just a few days before a massive rally is scheduled to be held in Richmond. Thousands are expected on Monday at Capitol Square to show solidarity and refusal to comply with plans by the newly-sworn-in Democratic majority in the General Assembly to impose strict gun laws.

President Trump, seemingly back on our side after multiple garbage moves against the second, has also weighed in on the gun grab, tweeting on Friday afternoon.

“Your 2ndAmendment is under very serious attack in the Great Commonwealth of Virginia. That’s what happens when you vote for Democrats, they will take your guns away. Republicans will win Virginia in 2020. Thank you, Dems!”
Let's all hope Trump understands the words coming out of his mouth and stands by them.

Conservative state senator Amanda Chase of District 11 went to Facebook on Friday with a stark warning for anyone who is planning on attending the rally on Monday.

“Sadly, I am posting this, knowing that the Governor of Virginia has declared a state of emergency in our state,” she said. “I want you to be aware of how we are being set up. Does the Patriot Act ring a bell? Does the National Defense Authorization Act ring a bell?" Chase is warning pro-Second Amendment activists that under the provisions of those two acts, they could be labeled as “domestic terrorists[s].”

So, Doomberg plant Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam issued an executive order banning firearms in Capitol Square, and in our opinion, by issuing the state of emergency, Northam is setting the groundwork for going after the pro-gun advocates. This isn't going to end well.

“The Governor, using the media has already set the stage for this to happen,” Chase said. “He has already laid the groundwork to make the entire movement look like an insurrection.” Well...I can't wrap my mind around why the governor of a state with a flag featuring a dead tyrant with the words Sic Semper Tyrannus would want to act like this and look for an insurrection, but here we are.
Sen Chase continued “They are kicking things into high gear. Military veterans were/are even listed as potential domestic terrorists. We were told not once, but several times by the current President, ‘It’s Not Me they are after, It’s You, The American People.’”

Northam claims that he has intelligence that some of the groups attending the rally on Monday will be intent on causing problems. The fact that Antifa has said they will show up lends credence to that fact, although they “claim” they will march WITH the pro-gun protesters. ready folks, this has the makings of false flag and red flag all over it, and I don't mean the Pantifa flag.
Antifa will start conflict, mark my words, and the pro-2a crowd will bear the brunt of the outcome.

The Richmond-based Antifa Seven Hills is joining the Second Amendment supporter groups in support of gun rights.

“I think it’s been pretty important for us to focus on the fact that gun control in America has a legacy of racist enforcement,” said Seven Hills spokesperson James in speaking to Vice,while asking that his last name be withheld. “Like taking guns away from black people, because black people were perceived as a threat to property and the sanctity of the state.”

He continued, “I think what’s particular about the South is that we have to be a bit more creative and sensitive to the people around us—instead of fulfilling some sort of meme of what antifa is,” James said. “That’s really what we’re trying to work against right now, especially by talking to conservatives and showing we aren’t just a black-clad group of rabble-rousers who are out for attention and have jobs funded by George Soros.”

I call BS on Pantifa spokesman James.

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