Rare Breed Triggers Response Letter to the ATF Cease and Desist

Aug 13 , 2021

Rare Breed Triggers Response Letter to the ATF Cease and Desist

Below is the PACER downloaded response filed by attorney (and owner of Rare Breed Triggers) Kevin Maxwell to the ATF and DOJ Cease and Desist Letter.  The level of due diligence and preparation that went into this product are absolutely stunning.  I don't see how the ATF wins this one, their days of "reinterpreting" law on the fly are likely numbered at this point.  One has to wonder, why do they declare a product illegal if they aren't willing to make an arrest over it.  You may recall that the only arrest over the bumpstock ban was thrown out at the request of ATF Agent Vasquez, who is named by RBT as one of the experts whose testimony was sought regarding legality of their product prior to production.

Maxwell Response Page 1
Maxwell Response Page 2
Maxwell Response Page 3
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  • 13 Aug 2021 Jim Sealy

    OHHHH, PLEASE! come knock on my door! The left and dems and organizations which represent all of those nutballs have NO CLUE how close they are to starting a REAL 2nd civil war in this country! Knock on my door and try to take my legally owned firearms and the war will be ON! Make NO MISTAKE, LEAVE me alone and all of those of us who follow the law. Go after all of the illegal aliens that are invading our once great Country and I will continue to obey the law and save the lives of innocent victims at every turn who are being robbed, raped, etc wherever I see an injustice taking place that the Police are not capable of doing themselves because they are already soooo overwhelmed with the law-breakers, as it is right now, because the Dems continue in their attempts to destroy fine Officers who place their own lives on the line EVERY SINGLE DAY! Do the Honorable Thing and follow the law instead of making up shit because of your ideology and then perverting the law that you swore to uphold and we can all live once again in a world where we look out for each other, protect each other, have a beer at the end of the day and laugh about our days events…OR, keep going the way you nutballs are going and you will pay a price for your illegal, immoral, and unethical actions that you think you can get away with just because you want to and think your position of “authority” gives you the right to do so…leave us alone and do your job. HONESTLY!

  • 13 Aug 2021 Mark Bailets

    Bear in mind the very real possibility of an attempt to take down the power grid. If it goes down, that event will trigger martial law an a whole host of evils from their bag of dirty tricks.

  • 13 Aug 2021 Eric Moore

    The attack on our constitution has been going on for 50 years. It began by union schools teaching kids nonsense such as climate change, atheism and ignoring history. Universities were the next step raising an even more radical agenda. Hollywood and most pro sports jumped right onboard. The real damage was done beginning with the Clintons and then multiplied by the Obama’s with Benghazi, Obamacare and division of Americans by race, sex, and plain chaos. Trump was moved out of the way by the crooked Democrats and gutless wonders of congress republicans. Covid-19 was the perfect world order excuse to blame Trump and scare the general public. People for the most part we’re willing to give up their constitutional rights immediately without so much as a whimper. They’ve even turned vaxed people vs unvaxed. Just unbelievable to me. Biden let’s million’s invade our country unchecked and unvaxed while supplying these people with homes, transportation and cash. It’s an invasion going on right now but he pretends to care about the Ukrainian borders thousands of miles away. He’s an absolute piece of shit and a disgrace to Americans. Our nation hangs on by a thread but people like George Soros, Bill Gates are all about ruining our nation and the value of the dollar. Biden, the Obama’s, and the Clinton’s and politicians never worked a day in their lives but are all set to go being bought off by Russia, China, Iran. The dollar will become third world soon and within a year we could become poor overnight. This is all planned and has been for years. Bottom line it’s all about the currency being devalued behind the scenes while people are terrified of Omicron (common sniffles). People are distracted by the climate change hoax too which pollutes worse than anything. Get ready for the new world order people. Invest in precious metals, Pb (lead). You’ll need it. God Bless to all. Know and read the constitution and spread the word. The brainwashing by the treasonous media and education systems loves to teach taking things out of context to get the results they want. Think critically people.

  • 13 Aug 2021 Lon Loren

    That was some strongly written letter. I agree with every point the letter made. Extreamely well written. I hope it recieves the disired result.

  • 13 Aug 2021 Bill

    I’m proud of Rare Breed standing there ground, I can’t imagine the amount of time, resources, R&D much less money it took for them to develop there trigger system in which the ATF approved to begin with. Ok so someone who has practiced and practiced is able to pull the trigger really fast well has the ATF seen the rubber band trick for bump firing? Guess next they will want to ban rubber bands neons put on rifles. Just what happens when a government agency gets to much power to say yes we approved it but now don’t like how it’s used so we’re going to ban it. Very sad times friends

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