Edward Ziobron, Billy Bad Ass and Commie Killer Extraordinaire

Jul 14 , 2020

Edward Ziobron, Billy Bad Ass and Commie Killer Extraordinaire

Billy bad ass of the day:

On Nov 26, 1970, Sgt. Edward Ziobron and his recon team from MAC V SOG, where tasked with conducting a clandestine operation deep into Laos.

Upon insertion, the team came under intense fire from an overwhelming enemy force. Although wounded in the face, left arm and leg by a B40 Rocket, Ziobron led an uphill charge against the entrenched enemy, killing 10 communists with rifle fire and hand grenades. Upon reaching the top of the ridge, he took an M60 and continued his assault under murderous fire, killing 6 more in the process.

The next day, the team decided to call in an extract to get the wounded out. On the way, the team came under fire from two AA guns. Ziobron took out them out with a LAW rocket launcher like it was no big deal.

The enemy then launched an attack with the intention of annihilating the team. Through the chaos, Ziobron stood his ground, although wounded again by another rocket. At the same time, 2 NVA soldiers attacked him and hand to hand fighting ensued.

Ziobron killed one with his .45 pistol and the other, he beat to death with his own SKS. With the battle raging, he was shot in the right leg and his Achilles tendon severed. Using his CAR 15 as a crutch, he began calling danger close air strikes, took out about 20 NVA with claymores and rescued one of his mates under fire.

With the enemy closed in to a few meters, he killed 2 more with his pistol and one with an M79 round. His actions inflicted such heavy casualties, which broke the attack.

Despite his wounds, he led his team to the LZ and were extracted the following morning. When he boarded the helo, he was down to only 3 bullets left.

For his actions, Ziobron was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

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  • 14 Jul 2020 Larry L Russ Jr

    Time to award the
    Congressional Medal of Honor.
    Long over due.

  • 14 Jul 2020 Corey Beaudreau

    Much respect! The incredible odds the men from SOG took still to this day is mind numbing. Thank you to all who served

  • 14 Jul 2020 David Fry DVM

    I consider myself fairly damn tough. I’m reconsidering…..The bar has been set pretty dang high by the men that came before us, brave, truly tough men, and I and my family are grateful for them keeping us safe and stand in awe and thanks – and will give a lifetime of respect.

  • 14 Jul 2020 Pat Pullen

    Sounds like Medal of Honor worthy to me

  • 14 Jul 2020 Tom

    Time to upgrade that award!

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